Hyperbolic Magnetism
Based in Prague, Czech republic

Release date:
May 29, 2014

iPhone & iPad



Perfect Paths is puzzle solving game where you create paths and add other instructions to move blocks to their designated positions. Blocks can be combined or separated. These simple rules create interesting environment, where each puzzle can be solved in many different ways.


The first prototype was created in 48 hours during Ludum Dare #24 and it was called Gene Game. Few months later iPad only, very hardcore version called Trappped was released. Because the game play mechanics were really unique I decided to make a game more accessible to wider audience. Perfect Paths were born.


  • Simple and original gameplay mechanics which allow any player to find his own solution.
  • Beautiful handcrafted levels with optimal difficulty curve. First levels were tested by 3 years old ;)
  • Full-featured game center integration. Including in-game leaderboards, friend challenges...
  • Stylish, beautiful minimalistic presentation.
  • Gorgeous super smooth UI animations.
  • Low battery usage.
  • High re-playability and new levels coming out every week.


Perfect Paths Trailer YouTube, Download mp4 file (19.7MB)


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (516KB)

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About Hyperbolic Magnetism

Hyperbolic Magnetism is small Czech based indie game studio made up of Jan Split Ilavsky and Vladimir Loki Hrincar

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More information on Hyperbolic Magnetism is available here.

Perfect Paths Credits

Jan Ilavsky
Art, code, sound etc.

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks